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For Renters

What do I do if I'm in an accident?

  • Before you do anything else please make sure that you are in a safe place and if you are able, call 911 to report the accident immediately.

  • Call Roadside Assistance at the above numbers to report the incident and have the vehicle towed to the dealership or closest Nissan dealership.

  • Report the incident to your insurance and start a claim. Let them know that you were driving one of our rental vehicles.

  • Lastly reach out to us during our business hours to inform us of the incident and location of the vehicle.

  • We will contact your insurance to make sure they keep us up to date on the status of your claim.

  • We will do our best to find you another vehicle and get you back on the road

What do I do if my rental breaks down?

  • For Nissan: Call Nissan roadside at (800) 225-2476

  • For Hyundai: Call Hyundai roadside assistance at (800) 243-7766







Do You Offer a Shuttle?

● Yes, we do!

● Please call ahead to schedule your shuttle with us

● We charge $20 for a one way shuttle, or $30 for pick up and drop off

How much fuel needs to be in the vehicle when I bring it back?

● If you pre paid for fuel, there is no need to worry about filling it back up before you bring it back. We will take care of that after the vehicle has been checked in

● If you did not pre pay for fuel you will need to fill the tank up prior to bringing it back

● If the the tank was not full when you picked up your rental you will need to bring it back

at the same fuel level it was rented to you at

● If you choose to bring the vehicle back without fuel, or at a lower fuel level you will be charged $8/gallon

Do I Need to Detail the Vehicle Before I Bring it Back?

● We expect the vehicle back in the same condition that you received it in

● You don’t need to fully detail the vehicle but any large messes should be cleaned prior to your return

● If for any reason the vehicle requires more than a once over by our detail department we will assess a detailing fee, which will be charged to your card on file

● A full list of our fees is available and will be provided to you at pick up

How many miles are included with my rental?

● You are allowed 200 miles per day standard with your rental

● Anything over this amount is charged at $0.25 per mile

● We do offer additional mileage packages. If you think the mileage that is included with your rental will not be enough please let us know, and we will work with you to find the right mileage package for you.

Do You Allow Pets in Your Vehicles?

● We do! There is an additional fee for having a pet in the vehicle, and all other rules still apply.

● Please keep in mind that on top of the detailing fee, you are responsible for any damages that occur to the interior of the vehicle

● Please let us know if you plan on having a pet in the vehicle and we will be happy to work with you

Is There a Cancellation Fee?

● If you are canceling your reservation more than 72 hours prior to your reservation, there is no fee. We understand that sometimes things happen outside of your control

● If you are canceling your reservation less than 72 hours prior to your reservation, we charge for half of the initial total for the rental


As always if you need anything or have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us by phone at 4064173186 or by email at


Discounts and Promotions


Military Discount

● We offer a 10% discount to all active military and veterans

● Please be sure to mention this at the time of your reservation so we can assess the correct discount for you

● We will ask you to provide a copy of your military ID or VIC for our records. Please make sure to have this handy


Hero Discount

● Are you a nurse, firefighter, EMT, or police officer? We offer a 10% discount as a thank you for your service to our community.

● Please be sure to bring in identification showing your occupation and we will make sure to assess this discount for you

Promotional Codes

● If you have a promotional code, please make sure to enter it at the time of your reservation

● If you are booking online you will need to enter this at the time of booking

● If you are booking over the phone or in person please mention the code and how you heard about us to the associate assisting you


As always if you need anything for have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us by phone at 4064173186 or by email at

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